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Can Single Men And Women Just Be Friends Without Sex Relationship
Friday, November 11th, 2011

Men and single women can not be friends right from the start, because the reason single men will be especially interested in a woman is not platonic. It is more likely to be sexual. At first, the two strangers of the opposite sex always drawn together by the basic physical attraction, nothing more.

There is always hope, with at least some, that friendship will lead to something more intimate, and perhaps permanently. Friendship in this way can never be platonic. There will always be a tension as person women dating men trying to keep the other person as a “friend” and the other trying to move this friendship to something else.

Can Single Men And Women Just Be Friends Without Sex Relationship

The only time a true companionship is possible between single men and a woman is when the expectations of both parties, have been met or understood by both parties. You can then move on to something more platonic, without interfering with the sexual needs.

At this point, both parties should be falling in love if they had friends and now have another level of understanding and appreciation, or accepted the conclusion that only a platonic friendship is possible between them.

There are some exceptions, but there is very little, because when it comes to men and single women sex is always in the equation. About two people come together to develop our sport and is always at the forefront of each meeting: a potential partner.

It is clear that when they are controlled in one way or another, that online dating friendship is possible. Each person to understand how are other, more generally feel more comfortable with the situation and prefer to take a person a true friend. Only then be able to develop a real friendship.

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